Contract Notice

New Contract Notice Layout

Previously, when a supplier accessed the details of the opportunity in the detail tab of the opportunity dossier, there was only a few details that the supplier could view. By clicking in “Show more contract notice details”, a more detailed contract notice would be displayed. However, this last step is no longer needed as the full contract notice is already displayed once the supplier clicks in the detail tab of the opportunity dossier.

This new layout is available to suppliers with and without an account logged in who wish to look for business opportunities. In case of a user without log in, he/she should access the Public Area and click to see the detail of the procedure. Next, the user will be redirected to the Public Contract Notice.




Once the supplier opens the contract notice, it is able to check the status of the procedure and use the print option.



Card Layout

The new layout has each step displayed in a card view where all the field sets are displayed. Every step is identified in numerical order. When the supplier clicks on the contract notice, the first step expands by default along with its field sets. If the user wishes no navigate to another step, simply click anywhere on the desired card and the new step expands along with the field sets. Every time a user clicks on another card, the previous step remains open and a new card view is displayed.



In case there’s no information to be displayed in a card, then there is no option to click on it since there are no field sets to be filled.



Additionally, the steps of the procedure are also displayed in anchors on the left side of the card view. The user is able to change the step by clicking anywhere in the anchor. This display assists the supplier in navigating through the field sets by having a clear view in which step/field the user is located and also having the option to go directly to a different field by simply clicking on it. By default, the first step is always expanded along with the respective field set. Clicking on another anchor will make new the one expand and leave the previous anchor open as well.

Changing the steps on the anchors automatically changes the steps on the card view as well.




As a supplier that was invited to a procedure, there are 2 buttons displayed, “Not Interested” and “Interested” with a countdown until the end of the offer on top.

As a supplier that wasn’t invited as in public procedures, only the button “Interested” is displayed with the countdown above it as well.



In case the buyer cancels the procedure, the countdown ends and the following message appears, “This opportunity was Cancelled!”. Moreover, if the buyer suspends the procedure, the countdown ends as well and the following message is displayed “This opportunity was suspended!”.