Sign Documents

Steps to follow before attempting to use the signature application

There are some steps that you need to follow in order to be able to use the signature application. These steps are:

  • Validate if your antivirus is blocking the execution of the program;
  • If you are using a VPN, ensure that it does not block the program from running either;
  • If you are using Internet Explorer, make the following settings:
    • In Internet Explorer 11, select "Tools", then "Internet Options”;
    • In the "General" section, click on "Settings";
    • Select the option "Every time I visit the webpage".

        How to sign

        In order to sign a document, firstly, the signature application has to be download.

        To do so, follow these steps:

        • Download the application from one of the 3 links available in the platform’s signature modal. There are two for Windows, one version for 64-bit processors (works better on more recent and faster computer processors) and other for 32-bit processors (works with all computers processors), and other one for MAC OS. According to your operation system you must download the application from the link available in the platform signature modal.;

        • After that, go to the folder where you downloaded the file to;

        • Right-click on the folder and click on “Extract all”;

        • Now, double-click on the folder that is displayed below and locate the application inside that folder;

          • Simply double-click on it to open the application.

          Note: Whenever you want to sign documents again, you have to open the displayed on step 5. You must open it before attempting to sign the documents on the e-sourcing Platform. 

          • Once you executed for the first time, the following window pops-up;

            • You have to click on the “More info” option and then on “Run anyway”;

            • In the application you must have the option “File(s) from e-sourcing Platform” selected.

            • Once you’re here, return to the e-sourcing Platform without closing the signature app;
            • After clicking to sign on the e-sourcing Platform, the following window pops-up. You must have the “Local digital certificate” option selected and after that, click on “Sign selected file(s)” or “Sign all”;

            • After that, click on “Continue”;

            • Now return to the signature app where you should see the documents that you have selected to sign.

            • Click on “Select Certificate installed on my computer” and then on “Sign”;
            • After that, a list with your signature(s) is displayed and you must select the one that you want to use;

            • Click on “OK” after;

            • After clicking on “OK”, this is what you should see;

            • Now, return to the e-sourcing Platform and the documents should appear signed.

            Signing your documents through a Certificate file stored on your disk

            • Select the option “Select Certificate file stored on my disk

              • Search and select the certificate saved on your disk, clicking on “Select File…”;
              • Insert the password of your certificate selected previously and click on “Sign”.

              How to sign documents and messages with a remote signature

              The remote signature provides you a simple way to sign your documents and messages. This type of signature only needs a valid account and a mobile number where you will receive a code to validate the signature.

              Thus, to use the remote signature you should have your subscription in one of our providers and you should follow the following steps:

              • Once you click to sign, you should select the option Remote Signature

              • You should also select the provider where you have your subscription.

              • After choosing the type of signature and the provider you must click on “Sign selected file(s)” or “Sign all”;
              • Then a new modal will be opened where you should insert your credentials that you have for the provider and you should click on Log in.

              • After the login you will receive a SMS on your mobile phone with a code that you need to insert in the modal.
              • Click sign after put the correct code.

              How to sign your documents locally

              The signature app allows you to sign your documents locally on your computer.

              To use this feature, you should follow the following steps:

              • Open the application of signature.
              • Select the option “Local File

              • Search and select the files you want and that are stored on your disk.

              • Select the certificate and click “Sign”.

              • Once you sign the documents, a modal of your computer will be opened for each file so that you can indicate where you want to save the document signed.