Sign Documents

Before you start using the new tool, please note the following:

  • Validate if your antivirus is blocking the execution of the program;
  • If you are using a VPN, ensure that it does not block the program from running either;
  • If you are using Internet Explorer, make the following settings:In Internet
    • In Internet Explorer 11, select "Tools", then "Internet Options”;
    • In the "General" section, click on "Settings";
    • Select the option "Every time I visit the webpage".

How to sign your proposal, documents and messages through a local digital certificate?

To sign your documents and messages you must use our signature application.

This application will allow you to sign the documents and messages and also your proposals through your certificate or through your card reader and ensures that you don’t need to install and/or use Java or a specific browser.

Thus, you should ensure that:

  • You made the download and you have executed the application to sign;
  • The application is open and running;
  • In the application you have the option “File(s) from e-sourcing Platform” selected.

  • You should return to the e-sourcing Platform without closing the signature app.
  • Once you have defined which documents you want to sign, you must click “Sign Selected” or “Sign All” to have those documents sent to the signature app.

  • After clicking sign, you should go again to the signature app where you gone have the documents listed.

  • In the signature app you should define whether you want to sign using a certificate stored on your computer disk or an installed certificate.

After signing in the application, the signatures of your documents are automatically sent to the platform, however, you must wait until the platform modal indicates that the documents have been successfully signed.

How to download the signature application?

There are 3 versions of our signature tool, two for Windows, one version for 64-bit processors (Works better on more recent and faster computer processors) and other for 32-bit processors (Works with all computers processors), and other one for MAC OS. According to your opeartion system you must download the application from the link available in the platform signature modal.

Open the zip and save all the files on your computer.

To start the application just open the file "eSignature_x64" (Windows 64-bit) or “eSignature_x86” (Windows 32-Bit) or “dss-app” and you are ready to sign.

Whenever you need to sign back, just open this file.

How to select the certificate to sign my documents through the signature app?

The application allows you to sign with the certificate that you have stored locally on your disk or that you have installed on your computer.

To define which certificate to use, you must choose the option you want and click “Sign”.

1. Using a certificate installed on my computer

  • Select the option “Select Certificate installed on my computer

  • Click on “Sign

  • Choose the certificate and click “OK” in the new modal that was opened.

2. Using a certificate stored locally on my disk

  • Select the option “Select Certificate file stored on my disk

  • Search and select the certificate saved on your disk, clicking on “Select File…”;

  • Insert the password of your certificate selected previously and click on “Sign

How to sign your documents and messages with a remote signature?

The remote signature provides you a simple way to sign your documents and messages. This type of signature only needs a valid account and a mobile number where you will receive a code to validate the signature.

Thus, to use the remote signature you should have your subscription in one of our providers and you should follow the following steps:

  • Once you click to sign, you should select the option Remote Signature

  • You should also select the provider where you have your subscription.

  • After choosing the type of signature and the provider you must click on Sign selected file(s) or Sign all
  • Then will be open a new modal were you should insert your credentials that you have for the provider and you should click on Log in.

  • After the login you will receive a SMS on your mobile phone with a code tha you need to insert in the modal.
  • Click sign after put the correct code.

 How to sign your documents locally?

The signature app allows you to sign your documents locally on your computer.

To use this feature, you should follow the following steps:

  • Open the application of signature.
  • Select the option “Local File

  • Search and select the files you want and that are stored on your disk.

  • Select the certificate and click “Sign”.