Tenders list

How to manage the tenders list?

As you enter on the tenders list page, you will have available some new tabs according to the buyer’s offer, filtered by the following:

  • All

In this view, you will have all the tenders available (according to your offer and permissions).

  • Favorite

You are able to mark types of tenders as “Favorite” by clicking on the star available at the top right side of each procedure.

Your favorite procedures will go immediately to the top of the “All” tab but you can also see them on the new tab “Favorites”.



  • Public

In this filter, you will only see the public Tenders available listed by alphabetic order (according to your offer and permissions).

  • Restricted / Private

The Restricted / Private view will have your restricted / private tenders (according to your offer and permissions).


How to Search?

To search for your tender, you have available a search box where you can type your procedure. The tenders that don’t match with your search will automatically disappear, keeping only your results.

The search will only take into consideration the tab that you select.